Welcome To Infants


            Or as we affectionately refer to it “Babyland”!  Let us start by saying CONGRATULATIONS on your little blessing!  We are so honored that you chose us to begin your preschool journey with you!  Together we have over 45 years of combined experience!  Not to mention that all of our teachers, and support staff are Infant & Child First Aid and CPR trained as well as SIDS certified!  We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about life here in Babyland!

            First and foremost we want to have a partnership with you that is personal and encouraging!  We have a telephone in our classroom that you are welcome to call anytime!  We also have an open door policy, and welcome you to pop by anytime to say "hey!"  It is important to us that you feel as much a part of your baby’s day as possible!

           We follow the WEE Learn Curriculum, and we stay on a lesson plan for 2 weeks. We love to sing bible songs, nursery rhymes, and sit in the bumbos and bouncers for “circle time”.  We go on buggy rides around the school twice a day, and if it’s nice outside we walk around the school grounds!  In the warmer months we enjoy bringing blankets outside with some rattles and toys, so we can soak up the sunshine and fresh air!

            We assist with milestone progression and encourage the babies to hold their own bottle, roll over, sit up, stand, and eventually take their first steps!  We offer a variety of activities to help your baby strengthen their little muscles such as tummy time, exersaucers, and bouncers, to name a few!  Their tummy time will be documented on a “tummy time log” for you to see!

           Our motto is “back to sleep, tummy to play”!  All babies, whether they are able to roll themselves over or not, are placed on their backs to sleep!  Until your child can roll themselves from their back to their belly, they will have a “I do not roll over” slip above their crib.  Once your child is able to roll themselves to their belly, and you’re comfortable with them sleeping in a side/stomach position, you will receive a yellow “I roll over” slip to sign to be hung above their crib!  Swaddling is only permitted with a signed doctor’s waiver, but you are welcome to provide a sleep sac for your baby!  Blankets are permitted for babies 6 months and older.  Every time your baby falls asleep we document it on our sleep chart!  Every 10-15 minutes we check your baby’s breathing, temperature, and color to make sure they are comfortable.  Then we document the time we checked your baby, the position they were sleeping in, and write our initials!

            We have a refrigerator in our classroom for bottle storage.  Your baby will be assigned their own spot in the fridge where their bottles will go every day!  Bottles must be premixed at home and brought to school already to go!  Bottles must also have your child’s first & last name, the date, and the contents of the bottle.  We ask that you provide one extra bottle for your baby then you think they will need “just in case”!  


                        But above all, we want to establish a loving and nurturing bond with your baby and create an environment where they feel safe and secure and encouraged to explore the world around them!  We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you!

Infant Ratio 1:5 / 2:10