Welcome To Threes


          Let the Pre-Kindergarten adventure begin!  Our three year old program is considered “pre” Pre-Kindergarten; where your child will officially start their Pre-K journey!  We focus on the introduction of number and letter-writing, recognizing numbers 1-20 as well as the letters of the alphabet out of sequence, early phonics through The Letter People, communication skills, and mastering self-help skills!

          In twos, your child began the process of early hand writing with “scribbles” and exploring different types of writing utencils such as markers and crayons.  We will continue to build upon that skill by supplying the children with chubby #2 pencils, and allowing daily hand writing opportunities.  We also implement various activities to help strengthen the children’s fine motor skills (i.e. stringing beads, lacing cards, play doh, etc.), which aids in proper hand writing techniques.  Once the children have built up their fine motor strength, and pincher grasp, we gradually start helping them learn the proper way to hold a pencil.

          Our three year olds also get to formally meet "The Letter People"!  The Letter People live in Letter People Land and teach beginning readers how to sound out and decipher the different vowels and consonants that build words.  Every Monday they are introduced to a new Letter person, and they focus on that letter for the week.  We talk about the sounds that letter makes, capitol or lower case recognition, and the things that begin with that letter.  We look for items around the class room that begin with that letter and then sound them out!  This gets the children thinking about letters and the sounds they make!  We also begin the process of recognizing numbers and letters of the alphabet out of order.  We play different matching games and sequencing games to help build this concept.


          The three year olds are also invited to participate in weekly Chapel!  This is an exciting

We also focus a great deal on mastering self-help skills!  By the time the children graduate to the Pre-K I class, we want them to be able to successfully potty independently, make their own nap mat, put on their own jackets, manipulate buttons and zippers, and dress themselves.  The more the children can do on their own, and the more independent they are, the more confident they will feel in being successful Pre-Kindergarteners!

We look forward to embarking on this Pre-K journey with you and your child!

Three's Ratio: 1:10 / 2:20