Welcome To Toddlers

              Your child is growing into an independent, curious, and inquisitive little person who is eager about learning and trying new things!  This is an exciting time of exploration as your child becomes more aware of the world around them!  We wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child into our toddler family!

              In our classroom, your child will be introduced to the concept of learning centers.  The 5 designated learning centers we focus on are – blocks, manipulative's, dramatic play, science, and cozy.  The materials available in each learning center will help your child learn through trial and error experiences, repetition, and make believe play.  Sand, water, and other discovery experiences will also be available to your child daily!  Play is your child’s “work”, and through their work they will have so many great adventures! 


              Your child’s vocabulary is increasing every day, and will continue to blossom as they listen to stories, learn new songs and finger plays, and communicate to those around them through words and sign language!  While their verbal skills develop, we will teach your child different ASL signs to give them another way of expressing their needs and feelings.


              We want to encourage and promote your little ones growing sense of independence by fostering their self-help skills and willingness to do things on their own.  A growing sense of self enables your child to gain first-hand knowledge, while enhancing their self-esteem and giving them the opportunity to have choices in the classroom!


               We are a bottle-free zone, as we do not have refrigerators in our classrooms.  Our children start out drinking from a sippy cup, and we slowly help them transition to drinking out of a 5oz cup.  The center provides whole milk for breakfast and lunch, and either water or juice at snack time.  You are welcome to bring in an unopened container of soy/organic/etc. milk to leave in our kitchen if you would prefer for your child to be served something other than what is on our menu.  Families are also welcome to provide pre-filled sippy cups for their child if they would prefer.  The sippy cups will be tored in our kitchen and brought to your child at meal times.


                As your child's large motor development increases, and they learn to toddle and walk around their enviornment, please remember that they are required to wear hard-sole shoes at all times.  Shoes provide the ankle and arch support necessary to help your little one balance as their muscles strengthen.  We also love to take our toddlers outside for gross motor play, and shoes provide an additional barrier between their feet and our playground surfacing.


                In addition to the educational progress and milestone development of your child, our main goal is to nurture your child and foster their sense of self in a loving, safe, “yes” environment where they feel encouraged to play, learn, and explore!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your child’s ever growing world!

Toddler Ratio 1:6 / 2:12