Welcome To TK!

            What is the difference between Pre-K  and TK?  We’re glad you asked!  While Pre-K and TK  both focus on kindergarten readiness skills, there are some big differences between the two programs.  Pre-K is specifically designed to meet the prekindergarten needs of the children who will be spending 2 years in our Pre-K program, the TK class is a Transitional Kindergarten program that focuses directly on Kindergarten readiness. 


          In TK, our circle time is more in-depth and academically based.  In addition to reviewing our curriculum focuses for the week, we review the weather and the calendar as well.  This gives our children an early introduction to math and science skills.  We also take this time to fellowship and pray for one another.


          After circle time, we choose learning centers.  Once the children have settled into the center of their choice, we call a few children over to work on seat work through small groups.  Some examples of seat work include: free hand writing the letters of the alphabet and numbers, free hand writing our names, practicing our address and phone number, and simple math equations, just to name a few!  We build upon the handwriting techniques that the children practiced in Pre-K , and graduate them from a chubby pencil to a regular pencil!  Our goal is for them to be able to write all of the letters of the alphabet as well as numbers 1-20 independently by the time they go to Kindergarten.


          In Pre-K, the children are introduced to the ending sounds of words (“ing”, “est”, etc.) and where vowels and consonants are placed in a word so that they can start conceptualizing how words are formed.  In TK we build upon this skill by learning to sound out our site words.  Eventually you will notice your little one recognizing and reading their site words all on their own.  It’s a very exciting time not only for you, but for your pre-kindergartener as well!


         Our TK classes follow the D.I.G. (Develop Inspire Grow) curriculum.  The Letter People that your children were introduced to back in threes and Pre-K are directly linked to the D.I.G. curriculum!  The D.I.G. curriculum is a comprehensive program that teaches the children oral language and vocabulary, literacy skills, math techniques, and science concepts.


          In addition to these skills, we also set up our day to mirror as much of a Kindergarten day as possible.  The children are assigned job duties, they are held accountable for their personal belongings, they are expected to raise their hand to be excused/ask a question, they are responsible for the cleanliness of their work space, they are expected to line up and walk in a single file line, and are encouraged to be as independent as possible!  We also focus on learning the difference between tattling and telling – how to self-solve and self-manage their behaviors when a conflict arises.  As much as we can encourage a confident self of sense, the more successful your child will be once they go to Kindergarten!

          This is such an exciting time of discovery and wonder for your child as they prepare for their next big milestone!  We look forward to having the opportunity to be such an integral part of your child’s TK journey!

Transitional Kindergarten Ratio 1:15 / 2:25