Welcome To Twos


            We are expressive, loud, silly, stubborn, affectionate, and we love to have FUN!

            In the two year old program, we build upon the experiences that your child had been working on in Toddlers!  Our circle time is lengthier and more in depth, our center play is more focused and engaged, and our language development is ever evolving.  With that being said, we focus tremendously on conflict resolution and “using our words”.  We talk about how our hands are for hugging and high-fives, our feet are for kicking balls and walking, and our mouths are for laughing and eating! 


            Imaginative play is a huge part of our day!  We learn so much about ourselves, each other, and the world around us through make-believe play and mimicking what we see!  Play is your child’s work.  When they dress up as Mommy, play doctor, or pretend that our classroom has transformed into a mighty castle or a pirate ship set out to sea, they are learning how to play cooperatively, problem solve, and build language skills!


            In Twos we begin to explore in our fine motor development!  You will notice your child "writing" (and eating with a utensil) with both hands, while they figure out which is their dominate hand.  Or, they may have already discovered which hand that is!  We offer a variety of activities to help promote this process, and strengthen their fine motor skills.  You will start to see their scribbles turning into more cohesive shapes and designs.


            Also, we want to encourage your little ones growing sense of independence by fostering their self-help skills and willingness to do things on their own.  A growing sense of self enables your child to gain first-hand knowledge, while enhancing their self-esteem and giving them the opportunity to have choices in the classroom!  The more they can accomplish on their own, the happier they will be!


            Throughout your child's journey in Two's, we look forward to hopping aboard the “potty train” with you and your child!  Whether they began their potty training journey in toddlers, or here with us, we will help them accomplish their goal of being in big kid pants!  We have numerous techniques, and reward systems in place to encourage your child to be successful on the potty!  We will mark all potty attempts and success on your child’s daily sheet!  Consistency is key, and we look forward to partnering with you during this exciting process


            Twos is definitely an exciting adventure!  Thank you for inviting us to go on it with you and your child!

Twos Ratio 1:9 / 2:18